We are a church that invests in the lives of people, serving those who want more of what really matters by connecting them to Christ and the church so that they may know God and live life to the fullest!

We are loving pastors, staff and volunteers discovering ways to share Christ’s love and truth. We exist to equip our community with a Christ-centered world view while loving God and our fellow man.  This gives us the opportunity to be what God wants us to be, inspiring people to Reach Up, Reach Out and Reach Beyond!

We offer biblical experience, impacting people with God’s love and truth.  We all have an important part to play in God’s kingdom and this is shown through ministry commitment, faithful attendance and giving.

We are all about restoring the Creator’s intended purpose through prayerful evangelism, discipleship, worship, education and fellowship.  Because we are with you – you are not alone!

We strive to be faithful to the rich historical heritage of Christ’s transforming work in human civilization which he has entrusted to us so that we may impact our own culture to the glory of God.

We are Christ’s Church of the Valley.  We are ALL IN!

Important Announcements…

We are thrilled to announce an overwhelmingly positive result to the vote following both services! Please join us in welcoming our new Senior Minister, Kevin Carlson, and his family!

Carlson Family

Additionally, on Sunday, December 14th we will hold our regular Annual Business Meeting to affirm the 2015 Budget & Leadership. Please mark your calendars and be sure to attend that meeting as well.

Leadership Nominees 2015

Have a great day!



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